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Peanut Butter vs. Jelly

6-Month Trend


Here are two topics that you would expect to go hand in hand, but suprisingly they don’t. While most of the peanut butter peaks appear to just be random clusters, the peaks in mid-October preceded Halloween. Alot of bloggers had Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups on their mind during this period. The jelly posters are a pretty diverse group covering everything from Jelly Belly’s jellybeans to cranberry jelly (Thanksgiving posts) to breast implants (must be silicone).

Here are the stats from Icerocket: The average number of peanut butter posts per day over the last 3 months was 709 (64,531 total). Jelly commanded an impressive 691 posts per day (62,882 total).

Peanut Butter Posters

Peanut Butter Pleasures – Mangoes & Papayas
“Nowadays, I find myself craving peanut butter more than chocolate. Peanut butter donuts, sandwiches, peanut butter on crackers, Reese’s pieces or even a lip-smacking glob of gooey, sickeningly sweet peanut butter on a spoon (gotta cut down on the bread)!”

Sleezy Sherm’s Peanut Butter Porter v0.1 – AzianBrewer’s Recipes
“This is actually Sleezy’s first Peanut Butter Porter!!!! It is a beverage that came with a bang!! Here’s is his Sleezy recipe.

8oz Chocolate Malt
12oz Black Malt
4oz Roast Barley
3oz Rolled Oats (aka quaker oatmeal)
13oz Cystal Malt
60 L5lbs Light malt extract (liquid)

2oz Willamette AA 4.8%
4oz Natural Peanut Butter (with the oil removed)

Heat the grains in 2 gallons of water at 155 F for 1 hourBring the wort to a boil and add the malt extract, peanut butter, and 1 oz of hopsBoil 30 minutes, add additional 1/2 oz hopsBoil 15 minutes, add additional 1/2 oz hops + Irish MossEnd at 1 hour total boilTransfer to fermenter for 10 days, transfer to a secondary for 10 days.If you still see oil floating on top, transfer again every 2 days until you rack out the oil.”

Lost: Never Put a Fat Guy in Charge of The Food – TVgasm
“Anyhoo, in this episode we get even more mysteries. What’s behind all that concrete? Who and what are those other people on the island? Exactly what is the size of the branch stuck up Michelle Rodriguez’s ass? And why do I have such a craving for chicken and peanut butter?”

10/31/2005 12:23:56 AM – telekinesiskyle’s Xanga Site
“I’m also looking for a donation of no less than 26 tons of peanut butter m&m’s. Trust me, its necessary. Times a factor people…..”

Kiss May Have Been Fatal For Teen With Nut Allergy – Attu Sees All
“A 15-year-old girl in Quebec’s Saguenay region is believed to have died as a result of an allergic reaction to her boyfriend’s kiss.

An autopsy will be performed on the body of the teen, who was allergic to peanuts.

Officials said she did not consume the nuts, but they believe she had a reaction to kissing her boyfriend, who had eaten peanut butter.”

The Jelly Roll

Life is not About the Jelly – Boudicca’s Voice
“So anyway, I know certain chains have doors inside… like the Marriott and so I tend to try to frequent them. Not familiar with Best Westerns I said to Bones, “I don’t know if we’re staying there or not.?

He looks at me desperately and says, “But Mom! We have to say there! They have all sorts of different kinds of jelly for breakfast!!!?

Jelly? This is where he is basing where we lay our heads at night? On the kinds of jelly they serve at breakfast for his toast? And does anyone out there think for a minute that when they were making this commercial for Best Western that the artistic director thought for even 1/10th of a millisecond, “Gotta get some damn good shots of jelly here. That could make someone want to stay…?

Well, sorry, Jellyboy, we aren’t staying at a place based on the array of jellies their commercial says they serve in the morning. I’ll stick with my paranoid parameters…”

Wine belly? – Sydney Food Diary
“Strangely fascinating (and probably a good education tool for thirsty toddlers).

WineX Magazine has created combinations of Jelly Belly jellybeans to make classic wine varietals and styles.”

Closer the dark side comes – lilgreenfreak
“Saved, my farrberry bush was not. Into a jelly it was made and now strong I feel. Yes, strong and good and alive! *Literally bounces off the walls* To Yaddle I shall give a jar. Maybe then, headaches she won’t have hmm?

Good with The Force this jelly is. Try it everybody should, yes? Hmm, especially good for green people it is. Yes, good for green people. A party we will have, for little people, green people, or little green people only. Bring out the special tea I will and strong with the Unifying Force we will be. Oh yes, visions we will have. Great visions we will have. Hahahahahahaha *Rubs webbed palms together* And droids too. Serve WD-40 for Artoo I should. Test him I will.”

starbucks coffee jelly frappuccino® – The Scent of Green Bananas
“the starbucks coffee jelly frappuccino®: whatever that milky coffee frap stuff is and a healthy serving of coffee-flavoured gelatin cubes. unlike the coffee jelly found in boba-tea outlets, which are just unflavoured brown tinted gelatin cubes in a coffee syrup, the starbucks brand is purported to be made from the brewed house blend. tiny and tender, they make a refreshing addition to the ice blended drink. it used to be a seasonal specialty, but it has since moved to the permanent menu (in the philippines, anyway).”

Annie Modesitt’s Blog
“I’ve just about blown my wad energy-wise, so when Gerry gets home from work (yes, he works today. The news, or whatever it is he works on, doesn’t stop on Thanksgiving!) he’ll take over the finishing touches. Steaming the broccoli, mashing the potatos which are boiling right now, browning the brown and serve rolls – oh, crap – I forgot the cranberry jelly! It just won’t be the same without the numbers on the bottom of the round, lined gelatinous tube of glistening red. Darn”

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Turkey vs. Stuffing

2-Month Trend


The American Thanksgiving holiday has come and gone and bloggers were discussing their meals. An amazing 4.5% of all weblog posts dealt with turkey on Thanksgiving Day (November 24th). Mom’s stuffing didn’t fare quite as well, mentioned in less than 1% of Thanksgiving blog messages. The small blip in early October occurred at the convergence of the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday and news of avian flu reaching Turkey.

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