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Firefox vs. Internet Explorer

6-Month Trend


Firefox has had quite a year, gaining a significant share of the web browser user market (approximately 9% of users). Compared with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer which is used by just over 85% of web surfers, the blog buzz has been dominated by Firefox over the last 6 months. Firefox posts had several peaks over this period of time.

  • July 9th – Google Toolbar for Firefox released
  • September 9th – Firefox v1.5 beta released
  • September 21st – Firefox v1.0.7 released
  • October 21st – bloggers discuss the release of the Flock browser

The Firefox buzz was on the rise again today following the release of Firefox v1.5 and we can plan to see a great deal more in the future from both sides with the expected release of Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox 2.0 over the next year.

Update (12/02/05): I had to generate the trend again because of a technical failure with the image host. As expected, the buzz surrounding the release of Firefox 1.5 caused a spike in weblog posts. There was a small bump in the proportion of posts discussing IE as well.

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