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Weekend vs. Holiday

6-Month Trend

weekend vs. holiday
The ‘weekend effect’ on Friday’s Republican vs. Democrat duel got me interested in the topics that blog authors discuss on weekends. These figures are all relative to the total number of posts that take place on a given day, so for a drop in messages dealing with political parties, there should be a rise in messages covering other subject matter. One obvious place to look is at the discussion of the term ‘weekend’ itself.

Here is a comparison of the 6-month trends for blogs that included the terms ‘weekend’ or ‘holiday’ in a message. ‘Weekend’ is a popular blog term, contained in anywhere from 1.5% to 7% of messages over the course of the week. That works out to 2,317,877* messages over the past three months.

The pattern of ‘weekend’ use in blog messages has two peaks during the week. The first peak occurs on Fridays as bloggers head into the weekend. The number of messages that contain the term drops over Saturday and Sunday and then there is a larger peak on Monday. This is a very regular pattern that was sustained over the entire six-month period.

Notably, messages that contained the term ‘weekend’ far outnumbered those that included the term ‘holiday’. There have been five peaks in the use of ‘holiday’ over the last six months. The first occurred on the 4th of July (Independence Day in the United States). The second was on September 5th, the Labor Day holiday in the United States. The smallest of the five was on October 10th, Columbus Day (United States). October 31st (Halloween) included discussions of Halloween itself (which is not in fact a ‘holiday’) as well as the upcoming winter holiday season. Last, but not least, Thanksgiving clocked in with the largest peak in holiday posts on November 24th. Over the last three months, 601,253* weblog messages have used the term ‘holiday’, an average of 0.85%* of all messages posted each day.

So, weekend bloggers aren’t discussing their weekends. We’ll see if a pattern emerges with another search term…

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